Healthy and well-maintained teeth are part of a positive charisma and attractive appearance and contribute to a high quality of life. Therefore an intensive dental care is necessary. For that reason we created a separate prophylaxis compartment.
Periodic professional dental cleaning are a major contribution in prevention of caries and gum diseases. Our specially trained prophylaxis-staff removes hard and soft dental plaque, simultaneously bacteria which are reached hardly within your daily dental care. Furthermore discoloration caused by coffee, tee, or nicotine are removed gently, so that your teeth shine naturally white again. The range of treatment includes all modern methods for an optimal result. If you are uncertain about your optimal dental care practiced at home: our prophylaxis-team offers you extensive consulting and numerous good advices around your smile.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the apparatus that keeps the tooth in the jawbone, caused by bacterial plaque. A lot of adults, but also younger people, suffer from typical symptoms like bleeding of the gum, halitosis or swollen gum. Periodontitis leads in advanced stages to damage of the periodontal apparatus and eventually to the loss of (in the first place) healthy teeth. Our individual treatment with extensive information, a careful and systematic pre-treatment, eventually a bacteria test, gentle periodontal treatment and continuous monitoring can slow down or even hinder the destructive progression of the disease.

Dental restorative therapy
Composite fillings or inlays are great solutions in treating midsized caries and dental defects. Composites are enriched with inorganic filler and therefore a high-quality synthetic material, which is layered in your teeth. In the medium term they are a good, dental-colored options to Inlays. We use this treatment preferably for small and middle-sized damages on the front- or side teeth.
Inlays are rigid fillings, which are made either of gold or ceramics. The advantage of ceramic Inlays is the similarity in firmness and coloring to a natural tooth and therefor it unites very well with the tooth. The advantage of gold is (among others) the perfect fitting.
Inlays are long-lasting, consistent and due to their very low allergic potential adequate for sensitive people.

During an endodontic treatment we take a look into the inside of the tooth. This is necessary if there is an inflammation within the tooth. Until recent decades those teeth had to be removed. Nowadays they can be maintained for many years by expert knowledge and modern methods.
In an endodontic treatment inflamed or necrotic tissue and the harmful bacteria in the root are removed. First there is created an access via the dental crown to the root canal, the root canal system is cleaned with modern, mechanical instruments, rinsed with several antibacterial solutions and finally filled and sealed bacteria-proof with a well compatible material. Is despite all these treatment measures a persistent inflammation detected, the root canal treatment can be revised, or as a last measure to preserve the tooth an apicoectomy (removal of the root tip) can be performed.

Dental Prosthesis
The modern prosthesis offers many ways to give back a natural aesthetics, harmonious facial features and reliable performance while talking, laughing and chewing after tooth loss. There are three major factors while using dentures: comfort, aesthetics and accuracy of fit. In our office we provide all possibilities to come as close as possible to the original situation. Our own dental laboratory offers you optimally manufactured inlays, (partial) crowns and bridges, implant supported dentures and partial or complete dentures, using modern high quality equipment.

Our range of oral surgical procedures includes removal of impacted teeth, wisdom teeth and apicoectomy.
An apicoectomy usually is the last step to retain teeth with an apical inflammation. It is used when one or more previous root canal treatments have not succeeded. Also an accident of the tooth can damage the root tip so badly that needs to be removed. During an apicoectomy the small tip of the root and sometimes the surrounding inflamed tissue is removed. We discuss each procedure with you in detail so that you feel relaxed in your surgery. Additionally we give you advices on what you should pay attention before and after the treatment.

Implants are very similar to the natural tooth regarding appearance and function and facilitate a dental prosthesis with good aesthetics. Besides they give you the feeling of your own, fixed tooth. Dental implants take over the function of the natural dental root in the form of small “poles” of titanium or ceramics. They are plant in the jawbone and grow in solidly. After healing, the dental prosthesis is fixed on the implants. The result are visually natural looking teeth, with which you usually can bite and laugh properly again.

Jaw Joint Diagnosis
Malfunction of the masticatory system – among others caused by unevenly working jaw joints, irregular dental arches or dental grinding – can not only pain in the facial area, but also cause head, neck and back pain, muscle tension or dizziness.
These symptoms are referred as craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD). If the origin of your complaints is CMD, a therapeutic treatment with a relaxing or grinding splint may help under certain circumstances.

Snoring Therapy
For normal snoring, it can already be helpful to wear an anti-snoring splint. It ensures that the throat remains open and the air can easily flow during sleep. Not only the snoring noise is prevented, but you will also wake up more relaxed, because you can sleep through the night without disturbance (and your partner possibly as well).

Aesthetic Dentistry
Also in dentistry the desire for youth, beauty and health is of great importance. The visual appearance plays a crucial role in personal and professional life. The basis: functionally healthy, beautiful teeth and healthy gum.
In modern dentistry the major importance is the conservation and, where appropriate, restoration of the natural function of the mouth and jaw area. The aesthetic component, however, has gained importance and is almost equivalent to the functionality of the natural dentition. In this context we can offer the following in our office: dental bleaching, veneers, full-ceramic maintenance, treatments with ceramic-metal combinations and the removal of amalgam.

Pediatric Dentistry
Healthy children’s teeth and a fearless approach to dental examinations are very important and have crucial importance for us. We are prepared in our office to treat children and to teach them playful dealing with dental care products such as toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. Until the appoinment your child can play in the waiting room with various toys and coloring pages, so the time usually passes quite quickly.
Our pediatric dentistry includes: Individual Prophylactic services (= staggered by age; completely covered screening/ treatment by the statutory health insurance, which support the children and the parents in oral hygiene) and fissure sealing.